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for traditional and contemporary stained glass.

Wandle Glassworks designs and hand makes every item to order using high quality materials and traditional techniques to create a truly unique piece of glass art to enhance the beauty of your home with stained glass.

Wandle Glassworks offers a full service, from design through to fitting, and specialises in:

  • Leaded stained glass

  • Handpainted stained glass

  • Acid etched and sandblasted glass

  • Fused glass

  • Repairs to original leaded lights and stained glass

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I established Wandle Glassworks in 2002, and since then have built up a large portfolio of work for individuals, building surveyors, churches, interior designers and builders. I use a range of techniques to make and restore leaded lights and stained glass, lamps and gifts.

To be precise, the term "stained glass" really only applies to permanently painted and fired glass, such as the decorative figures and details found in church windows or traditional leaded lights. However, the term has also been adopted to include work that relies solely on the qualities of the coloured glass used.

Stained glass comprises of pieces of coloured, clear or textured glass being cut into shapes that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. The glass pieces are then assembled using two techniques - leading and copper foiling.

Leading is the traditional technique used for windows and doors and any leaded lights that need to be weatherproof. Lead canes (lengths of lead channels either H or U shape in profile) hold the pieces of glass together, and each joint is soldered on both sides.

The Copper Foiling technique can be attributed to Louis Comfort Tiffany - creator of the beautiful Tiffany lampshades and windows of the late 19th Century. Copper foil is stuck to the edges of the cut glass, and then the pieces are soldered along the seams. This technique creates finer results than lead, but is not suitable for external windows and doors as it is not weatherproof.

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Whenever possible, repairs to leaded lights are carried out in situ. However, this is not often possible, especially if there are several broken pieces of glass or the lead has become fragile. Therefore the cost of removing and re-fitting the panel needs to be taken into consideration.


When removing the stained glass, the panel is removed in its entirety and the aperture temporarily glazed so it is secure and weatherproof.


I always endeavour to match any broken glass as closely as possible in both colour and texture. Although some of the older glass is no longer available, there is still a very large range of colours and textures that I can source, so it is usually difficult to see what has been replaced.


Please get in touch should you wish to arrange for me to inspect your damaged stained glass and provide you with a quotation. Or send me photographs and the dimensions of the stained glass panels, and I can usually provide you with a quotation.

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Stain Glass Windows


The first step is to contact me to arrange a no obligation consultation, which is usually free unless you are more than a couple of hours travel away. 

The Design Process

You can choose a design from my library of source books, or I can base the design on your own ideas, photos, sketches or to complement any stained glass you may already have. I will then provide you with a selection of designs drawn to scale for your perusal. (Please note that I require a small deposit - usually £100 before providing any drawings.) Once you are happy with the design, you can select the glass you would like from my selection of glass samples.

I then ask for a deposit representing 30% of the total cost of designing and supplying the glass to secure the commission, with the balance due on delivery of the glass.


How much will it cost?

Prices vary according to the complexity of the design, the glass used, the size and whether there are any other techniques required such as hand painting, sandblasting etc. To give you an idea, prices for leaded lights are between £120-£180 per square foot. Some of the items shown on here are priced to help give you a further idea. Please note that these prices do not include the cost of fitting, but I provide a full quotation for approval before any work is started. I am not VAT registered so all prices shown are net.


Fitting & Security

I arrange fitting of the stained glass and other options including fitting extra laminate glass either inside or outside of the stained glass to offer protection and security. This is not a double glazed unit, and some people do ask whether stained glass can be fitted within a double glazed unit. This is an option provided the rebate of the door is deep enough (at least 35 mm). It is worth noting that some of the quality of the stained glass is lost when encapsulated within a double glazed unit, as the texture of the glass is not so apparent. Double glazed units are only guaranteed for 15-20 years and so there is the risk that when the double glazed units are replaced the stained glass may get damaged in the process. Another option, provided your rebate is deep enough, is to have double glazed units fitted either in front or behind the stained glass leaded lights. 

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Consultations are by appointment only. Please get in touch using the methods below.

07763 768738

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